Too Late

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So you wanna discipline someone now

You’ve torn your gaze from your navel

And finally met my eyes


I’ve been silent for an eternity

Now you have the audacity

To ask me to speak to you


Well I don’t think so


I’ve fought a battle on my own

Now I’m winning the goddamn war

And I know it

I also know you were sitting in your nice little palace

While I was out there

On the front line




On my own


It’s a little bit late

I find it funny

You’re pretending to care

Now of all times

Well I have something to say


It’s too late

You’re too late


I won’t say I didn’t wait

You and I both know that I did

I waited for you

And I got my heart broken waiting


Waiting for you to look at me

Waiting for you to stick up for me

Waiting for you to see my pain

Waiting for you…


I stopped quite a while ago

I’m sick of it

Listening to you talk about yourself

When if I dared say anything

You’d fucking blame yourself

And then me, yeah then you’d blame me


So don’t look at me with those sad eyes

As if I’ll ever trust you again

When you’ve betrayed me

Over and over again


I’ve never had an apology from you

Yet it’s all I ever fucking do

And I’m through with it


So don’t you dare

Don’t you even try to pretend that you care

Because it’s not enough to care

It’s not enough to say you love me


When you love someone you don’t let them suffer

You’ve said this yourself


You’ll never understand me

That’s okay

That’s just fine


But all I ask of you

Don’t pretend that you care

Cause you let me burn


~ Song written by Paola Rossi


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