Who Am I?

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My name is Paola Rossi. Or at least, that is the name you will know me by. I am a wanderer, traveller, drifter, wayfarer, roamer, and journeyer. My personality is like water: flowing, moving, always changing. Much like you cannot step in the same river twice, you cannot meet the same Paola twice. I can be elated, and the next second I will be despondent. I have never had a good dream, but my daydreams are beautiful. I contradict myself every second. 

I am enchanted by the stars, but I despise shadows. I speak to spirits, but am terrified of the footsteps that follow me. I am sane, but I am deranged. Do not be scared by me, for I am just an ordinary person. If you met me, nothing would surprise you. The difference between the person you would meet and the person you’re reading about now is not so unusual, for as I said before, everyone hides themselves away. I have an unremarkable surface, with wondrous and petrifying depths.

I do not reveal my haunted Atlantis to everyone, but you are in luck, because I am laying my heart on the cold stone floor of this blog. Nobody that possesses the same burning blood flowing through their rainbow veins can blame themselves for the person I am going to reveal to you, because they certainly won’t be meeting her anytime soon.

Welcome to Wonderland, folks. Now you just have to figure out which character I am. You may have noticed that I’m not all there myself…